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Meet Jargo, your companion for language learning in living color

Video Introduction

Speak Like a Local

Jargo helps you to retain words and phrases you pick up in daily conversations. Simply record your native speaking friends talking and Jargo will transcribe and translate the audio in real time. This creates a personal digital list of language learning moments that you can refer back to any time.

High Tech Learning

Jargo uses speech recognition, real time translation, and automated definition lookup to allow you to easily turn a recording of your native speaking friend into a digital learning moment. Individually setting learning reminders based on Pimsleur’s graduated recall method brings you to the heart of the language and teaches you to speak like a local.


Speech Recognition

Record your friends in natural speaking rhythm and get it transcribed instantly.

Real-Time Translation

Get your recordings translated in real-time from over 20 languages.

Spaced Repetition

Get learning-reminders based on the scientifically proven graduated-interval method.

Audio Recording

Record your personal learning moments and have them available to reference anytime.

Variable Playback Speed

Slow down the audio to clearly understand the pronunciation of every word in its detail.

Definition Lookup

Select new words from the transcribed text and have them defined and stored with the memory.